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    Practical, elegant, functional: D100 is perfect for separating and soundproofing rooms

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    B30 Marine Fire Resistant, the solution chosen by the most important shipping companies

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    Minimal, light and stylish. The sliding S30 separates, connects and inspires


Sliding partition walls for Indoor and Outdoor

Estfeller Pareti manufactures soundproof sliding walls ensured by certified South Tyrolean quality suitable for any type of customization and environment.

High quality sliding partition walls since 1962

Estfeller was born in 1962 from the vision of Estfeller brothers who decided to start the production of solid wood stairs. In 1970 Estfeller began the design, production and distribution of wooden soundproofed sliding partitions, to which in the following years, were added glass partitions and folding curtain partitions.

In 2014 was founded Estfeller Pareti Srl under the guidance of a new owner, who combined Estfeller tradition and quality with an extensive experience in the movable partition industry. From this moment on, the company began to expand its product range with custom-made, sliding, soundproofed and movable partitions, entering as a protagonist in the home & living, office and interior design world and strengthening its leadership in the congress centres & hotellerie industry.

Highlighted Products

Custom made, soundproofed, folding sliding walls; available with different types of finishes to create the design that best suits the needs of the surrounding environment.

Applications of Estfeller sliding partitions

Classrooms, offices, gyms, conference rooms and auditoriums, ships, hotels, but also private homes: with estfeller soundproof sliding walls we have created projects for every type of environment and finish.

Characteristics of estfeller sliding partitions
Estfeller sliding soundproof partition walls combine quality, technological know how and design in a single solution to meet all the needs of customers and environments. Easy to use thanks to the particular sliding system, it is also possible to create customized folding sliding walls and choose from many personalization possibilities.

Quality and expertise

Estfeller extensive experience in the sliding partitions industry has generated a highly reliable technological know how, which allows it to tackle even the most complex projects thanks to a diversified and flexible range of products and solutions.


Estfeller technical department and designers work side by side seeking the most functional and effective solutions. You can choose from multiple finishes, ranging from wood, laminates, fabrics or wallpapers with no limit to customization, in total harmony and aesthetic coherence with the surrounding environment.


Easy handling

The special aluminium guide fixed only to the ceiling and the particular sliding system ensuring an easy and light handling. Guides and trolleys are built with high quality materials, which guarantee long lasting service life almost maintenance-free. In addition, the special electrically controlled automatic-rotation device (D.R.A.) allows a smooth and rapid movement of considerable high and heavy partitions, with minimum effort.


Immediate locking/unlocking system of the elements

By operating the removable crank or using the optional electrical system incorporated in the partition, the elements can be locked and unlocked. In the semiautomatic partition, the locking mechanism is activated by the simple contact between elements.


Acoustic and Thermal insulation Fire resistance EI60-B30

The laboratory tests carried out in accredited institutes certify the high acoustic performance of Estfeller products (from Rw = 40 dB to Rw = 56 dB), thermal insulation and fire resistance for both the civil construction sector (EI60) and the naval industry (B30).